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Mandrill Key Facts:

Mandrill was founded in one of the most scenic regions of Germany, on the northern eaves of the Swabian Alb.

  • Mandrill Automotive GmbH est . 2021
  • Based in Germany
  • E-Drive @ Hybrid experience since 2009
  • 14 employees ( prototype engineers, software developers, designer, sales & purchasing)
  • prototype phase successfully completed with our M-ONE
  • Findings of the prototype already transferred to the series version
  • Design and component freeze for series version already done
  • Competitive product (technology / price)
  • Big public appearances and driving experience with M-One are ongoing
  • Sustainable network and access to Tier1  and OEM series components

Mandrill production vehicle


2/4 seater for power sports &
2 seater with flatbed for industrial use

• Battery voltage 400 Volt
• Battery capacity 43kWh
• Charging Technology AC up to 22 kw and DC charging up to 50kw 


• System Power 150kW
• Torque (Axle) 5800Nm
• Acceleration 2,3s from 0-100 km/h
• Road & FIA approval (at first planned for Europe)
• Drive by Wire system optional

Protection category power supply components IP67
Protection category high-voltage components IP69

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Mandrill in Action

Mandrill electric UTV / SxS Testdrive (Highspeed)

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